2020-03-23 16:07:02

Digital practical training at Borsodi Company Group

The regulation implemented on 13th March this year that prohibited students to go to school and education would continue on digital platform has changed the life at Borsodi Műhely Kft as well. 

Firstly we planned to host students uninterrupted at all our three production sites, however our initial plans had to be changed due to parental decisions and from 23rd March we began to use digital platform to provide practical training.

But what does that mean in reality?

Owing to the expectations of the government and the chamber all of our trainees receive digital material for all the days of their internship, which are forwarded to them via e-mail, and we expect them to send back the exercises and tests they have completed. The only difficulty was caused by the fact that we educate in the field of mechanical engineering and what digital material should be provide for machining and how can the students utilize the particular technologies from home?

After the decision was made, our colleagues, Mrs. Pálfi Böröcz Ágnes and Mr. Horváth Szabolcs compiled the task sheets and exercises instantly, which were provided for our 34 students diversified in 5 fields of education and 15 topics, for each day of the 2,5 months that have been left from the duration of their apprenticeship.

The exercises to be handed out are not the copies of the teaching material at school, but calculation tasks expected and required especially during practice, production examples and set of questions developing practical competences, hence the compliment of these tasks is still in progress.

Fortunately all of our apprentices were provided with a tablet at the beginning of their studies, therefore digital accessibility was guaranteed to everyone.

The digital transition means a great challenge not only the colleagues participating in vocational training, but for the apprentices as well! We would have thought that the youth of our present day is ready to solve any issue easily, but there were some students for whom it was a big challenge initially to elaborate the tasks and submit them by the defined deadlines. It is particularly important hence as a vocational educational institution we are obliged to evaluate the performance of our apprentices weekly!

Despite the challenges our further aim is to successfully terminate the academic year  for all of our students, thus besides providing the digital training material, the students are provided with the opportunity to take part in digital consultancy from the middle of April. It is held at pre-arranged times, with the aid of an online application, and during the approximately 2-hour long lesson the students can ask questions from the tutors, let these questions be about actual tasks, or other professional issues. In my opinion it is a great opportunity for them, and those who wish to study could progress without interruption in spite of the physical obstacles.

In the meantime practical exams have been organized for the undergraduates, and we can be proud of them this year as well, as all of our students managed to pass the exams successfully!

I must say thank you to all of my colleagues for facing and winning over the challenges beyond their scope, and for being able to adapt our practical training system so quickly to the digital challenge!

I still do not know what the next academic year holds, but I do believe that due tot the experience gained in digital training, it would be a sin to eliminate the new methodology from vocational training in the future!

Mrs. Horváth Borsodi Mónika – managing director

Digitális oktatás