At the beginning of years 2000, Aerospace Industry became one of the targets to be reached by our company.

To be able to supply products at the required quality level, in 2008, the decision was taken to build our own Heat Treatment facility, where the machined aerospace parts could be heat treated according to the highest quality standards, as the Aerospace industry requires.

As years went by and the company gained more and more experience, and enriched its know-how, it became also able to provide full services and to manufacture complex assemblies and sub-assemblies, or MRO Tooling.

Over the past years, we became specialised in manufacturing of:

  • Aircraft Tooling  
  • Maintenance Tooling
  • Customized Tools
  • Engine Tooling
  • Ground Support Equipment
  • Tool Repair

We are taking part in several aerospace engine programs for MRO Tooling, such as: CFM56, LEAP-1A/1B/1C etc.