Design and production of purposebuilt machines and producti



Design and implementation of custom-made devices, single-purpose machines and production lines 

We at Borsodi Műhely Ltd. are striving for the satisfaction of our customers. The most important requirement is to provide the optimal solution for our partners. This may be carried out through the careful and thorough analysis of requirements and by taking into account the prevailing regulations, striving for optimal design and implementation. 

Control and measuring devices and equipment

 The custom-made testing and measuring instruments it is possible to work pieces quickly qualify. A further advantage of the custom-made tools that their operation does not require high expertise. Based on the two main different types of tasks. The controllers can only classify the workpiece, ie help decide whether the part meets the standards or not. The measuring equipment numerical value justify the rating, which can be used for further analysis, process-control. The geometric testing and measuring equipment in addition to undertake the construction of tightness testers as well.

Clamping, compass devices
A new product launch, are essential to the manufacture of clamping and locating devices. Our company has extensive experience in the design and manufacture of mechanical and hydraulic clamping devices. A number of customers choosing us satisfaction when we had designed and manufactured the machine tool into the workpiece clamping device. Our devices the design of the machine tool and manufacturing technology knowledge and analysis precedes it.

Mounting apparatus, equipment
Mounting equipment for manual apparatus via the half-automatic occur. In addition to the single-purpose assembly lines designing and also undertake. Our equipment is always formed based on the needs of the customer and the analysis of the task. Always seek the optimal solution, taking into account the technical requirements and cost-effectiveness.