Our partners’ opinions

Our partners’ opinions! 

“Let me thank personally and on behalf of my colleagues you and the staff members participating in the organisation for the bowling together on Friday. Everyone said they had felt very well, and beyond entertainment this mutual programme was very profiting from professional aspects as well as a lot of issues could be discussed. This way working together will be easier in the future as our partnership will be more personal.”

Gábor Hajdú 

LUK Savaria Kft.


“I negotiated with you last week in the representation of Maschinenfabrik HEUTE GmbH.

I would like to give some comments on the negotiations:

I was welcomed by Mrs. Katalin Soósné Oláh. I think her natural kindness and commitment to the company is rare. Following our negotiation she showed me round the plant, presented the production units, even the “mini exhibition” recalling the first days of the company.

No matter what the result of such an introductory negotiation is, it makes you feel better.

I wish you a lot of success in the future, best regards:”

Zoltán Czerovszki



”I rarely thank in writing but now I would like to return your supportive help as Santa Clause for the word THANK YOU. This could not be done without your support and help.”

The Empire of Santa Clause

Santa Clause


“I would like to congratulate Borsodi Műhely Kft. on its successful operation and the organisation of the project for the youth titled Inter – Uni - Borsodi to present the practical side of economy.”

Ivett Slabéczi

BI-KA Logisztika Kft.


“We wish you lots of…and even more customers.

Thank you for your hospitality.”

Bálint Kósa



“On behalf of HITA I thank you for the opportunity to learn the impressive history and results of the company with the diplomat colleagues.

I hope we can be partners in your future extension plans for abroad as well.”

Judit Galambos



“It is a sample of the dynamically developing Hungarian small enterprises, which can be presented as a good sample to follow for most Hungarian business enterprises.”

Eszterházy Károly College, Eger

István Juhász


”We were very happy to meet you and your company and welcome you among the participants of the final based on the decision of the Independent Evaluation Committee. Let me congratulate you once more. We hope we will receive ideas and recommendations from you for the programme in the future as well.”

István Havas, Director General



“Thank you and your company for inviting and entertaining the participants of the HR Forum. Our host’s hospitality was a great compliment to us.

It is wonderful that this small Hungarian enterprise has developed to the point where the greatest Hungarian companies are among its customers. Congratulations.

It is impressive to hear that employees are important from a HR aspect as well, and they receive care and training.”

Thank you.

Katalin Csikós


”There is no future without the past.”

”A tree with great foliage needs deep roots. László Borsodi knows this very well.”

Károly Kardos


”What I saw and experienced on the site of one of our oldest and most reliable business partners was a great pleasure to me.

I wish all Hungarian engineering companies to reach a level of standards similar to that of Borsodi Műhely.”

Andor Paizer

General Motors