2020-02-14 16:24:16


Borsodi Műhely Kft. took part in guest training in two secondary technical schools of the Technical Vocational Training Center of Győr in February of 2019-2020 academic year, which were Jedlik Ányos Mechanical and Informatics High School and Student dormitory as well as Lukács Sándor Mechatronic and Mechanical Elementary School, Secondary School and Student dormitory.

On behalf of Borsodi Műhely Kft. the presentations were held by Mr. Horváth Szabolcs and Mrs. Pálfi Böröcz Ágnes.

The lessons followed and covered the pre-arranged topics and subjects.

That simultaneously meant, that the presentations had to be structured in a way to present the topics in practise, approaching from industrial point of view, too.

The lessons held based on specific topics could provide a great help for the students, as the theoretical knowledge acquired during the academic year could be utilized later in practise. On the other hand it draws students’ attention to the importance of the stable grounds in order to become good engineers in the future.