2020-03-07 16:09:10


In the first week of March 2020 we had our first professional day with which we wanted to create a tradition in order to popularize our heat treatment business. It is to be a tradition, so we are organizing it every year from now on. We have used all the available channels to address our target group. We involved chambers, branch organizations and institutions, as well as the relevant institutions and embassy contacts of the neighbouring countries possessing an overview on the target sector.

Unfortunately the loads of energy we invested does not pay off immediately, quite a few visitors turned compared to our expectations. However, those who were here could bring our good news and we also received positive feedback from cooperating organizations.

Naturally, there are some direct results of the event, as we are going to have a new partner from among the participants, and I wish to highlight that the visitors from Serbia, and Austria  have identified potential opportunities.”