2020-02-28 16:14:49

Professional trainings

Our employees could take part in two professional trainings in February organized by Pannon Economic Network Association.

Business communication and negotiation techniques – training 13th -14th February 2020.

8 members of our staff took part in this two-day long training

How to lead and motivate your team – training 27th-28th February 2020.

10 members of our staff took part in this two-day long training

Based on the feedbacks, our colleagues gained a lot of useful experience, broaden their knowledge and received professional advice during these trainings.


Molnár Csaba R+D plant manager

We all know that the leadership skills and competence of the managers play a crucial role in the successful operation of a corporation. It is crucial to be aware of the theories of motivation, and the tricks of delegation and encouragement. During the training we could all get to know features required to realise the above mentioned skills, such as leadership skills, assertive communication, the utilization of praise and criticism, the methods of rewarding and giving effective feedback.  

By possessing these we could be able to manage our team with great efficacy, consequently increase the profit of the company. This training included easily acquirable techniques and methods that could be utilized in everyday life immediately. We received some pieces of good advice how to retain our workforce and establish employee satisfaction and the atmosphere of trust.  

The outstanding differences between a successful and an unsuccessful company lie not only in the technical-technological advancement, but in the quality of the workforce, and the development of workforce structure.

We covered more topics during the two-days of training. First we received a short theoretical background and basic knowledge, then we could put the theory into practise with the aid of group and individual role plays, as well as skill development tasks.

In summary, we spend the two training days in a pleasant atmosphere, in a good mood, gaining loads of experience.

Ódor Martina purchaser - controller

Along with other colleagues I took part in Business communication and negotiation techniques training organized by Pannon Economic Network Association in Szombathely.

Before the training by filling in a test, we got to know what is our personality trait like regarding negotiation, conflict handling style – from among the 4 main types – sanguine, choleric, melancholic, phlegmatic.

During the two days we got an insight into the fields of communication, business communication, person and customer-type knowledge, negotiation, the theoretical background of its strategies and styles, besides handling problematic issues arising at a negotiation, as well as handling conflicts. The training was practice-oriented, therefore after getting to know the theoretical background we could try ourselves in practise by doing role-plays in each area I mentioned above.

Besides the personality types, the most interesting part of the training for me was the elaboration and presentation of ‘elevator speech’ , as with the aid of this technique we must introduce ourselves or our company in such a way in a short period of time with a few sentences that the other party should find it interesting enough to exchange a business card with us.