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családi kép

Our company carries its two most important values in its name. One of them is the family name “Borsodi”, which has been a trademark of the work done here for two generations and also tells what we are really proud of, that this is a family venture. The second is the word “Műhely” (Workshop), which is the embodiment of our work philosophy, with precision, integrity and honesty. These two words brought us where we are.

We have become a medium enterprise in the metal industry, which is proud of its past and willing to work for its future. In the present, the company serves its clients with the highest quality, in the following segments.

  • Automotive industry
  • Aerospace industry
  • Space industry
  • Military industry
  • Healthcare
  • Food industry
  • Electronics

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 “When l estabilished the company, my aim was to create a workplace where order, cleanliness and honest work are priority”
Borsodi László - Owner 


“Machine parts at the highest possible quality. We do something that others cannot do or do not enjoy doing.”
László Borsodi Jr. - Managing director 


“Our fundamental principle is proper production of purpose-built machines. Our aim is growth and the strengthening of complementary services.”
Mónika Borsodi Horváthné - Managing director